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I. conditions for the pipeline construction of w-type flexible anti-seismic interface cast iron drain pipe operating points:

1. Complete construction design drawings and other technical documents, which have been reviewed and approved by the committee;

2. The construction scheme or construction organization design has been completed;

3. Materials, construction personnel, construction machines and tools can ensure normal construction;

4. The water, electricity and material stacking site conditions of the construction site can meet the needs;

5. The pipe materials and pipe fittings provided are in accordance with the relevant national product standards. The material object is consistent with the information, and the product specification and quality certificate are attached.

6. Understand the structure of the building in detail before construction, and work out the cooperation with civil engineering and other relevant projects according to the design drawings and construction plans;

7. After professional training, the construction personnel are familiar with the structure, performance and assembly skills of w-type flexible anti-seismic interface cast iron drain pipe, and have a good command of operating points;

8, before installation, carefully check should be made for pipe and pipe fitting joint appearance, the dirt and impurities on the pipes, pipe fittings shall be removed in a timely manner, does not meet the quality requirements of pipes and pipe fittings, promptly notify the supplier shall not be used.

Measurement and wiring of w-type flexible anti-seismic interface cast iron drain pipe

1. According to the construction drawings, the pre-embedded casing pipe across the floor and wall is one size larger than the required pipe diameter.

2. Measure and line according to the construction drawing, and determine the required pipe length according to the results;

3. Determine the position of supports and hangers according to the required pipe length.

Iii. Installation of pipe support and hanger for w-type flexible anti-seismic interface cast iron drain pipes

1. The drainage riser is fixed in the building's load-bearing structure with a bracket. The riser bracket is set for each floor and should be below the upper clamping band of the straight pipe section. The bracket spacing should not be greater than 1.5m, but only one riser bracket can be set when the storey height is less than or equal to 3m.

2. When the drainage trunk pipe is fixed by bracket or hanger, please refer to the schematic diagram of the drainage trunk hanger

Set two horizontal drainage pipe every 3 m (lift), a (lift) should be near the interface parts set (clamp-on interface pipe card must not be set on the clamp), and the interface between the clear distance not greater than 30 ㎜.

Horizontal drainage pipe (lift) and the access or the distance of the center line of the horizontal tube is 300 ~ 500 ㎜. When the drain pipe turns on the plane, a branch (crane) is added at the elbow. The start and end of the drain cross pipe shall be fixed by anti-sway bracket or anti-sway hanger. When the length of the transverse trunk pipe is long, in order to prevent horizontal displacement of the pipeline, the spacing between anti-sway bracket or anti-sway hanger of the straight section of the transverse trunk pipe shall not be greater than 12m.

3. If the screw hole diameter of the support frame and hanger is less than or equal to M12, it shall not use gas welding to open, cut or enlarge the hole, and shall use bench drill to open the hole. If the diameter of screw hole is greater than or equal to M12, for example, the hole opening or cutting place shall be handled when using gas welding. , hanger perforation and stent edge should be smooth level off, the aperture shall not exceed 5 ㎜ perforation diameter screw.

4. Installation of pipe support, hanger and bracket shall comply with the following provisions: correct position, smooth and firm installation, and forming a line; Close contact with the pipe, firmly fixed, the pipe hanger, hanger rod vertical; Pipe supports, cranes and brackets fixed to the structure of the building shall not affect the safety of the structure.