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Comparison of sound insulation between w-type cast iron pipe and UPVC plastic drain pipe

The quality of cast iron pipe is much larger than that of plastic pipe, which is more difficult to cause vibration. Moreover, graphite in cast iron ACTS as a buffer against vibration. In addition, the flexible rubber connection of w-type cast iron pipe will also weaken the transmission of vibration.

Pvc-u spiral silencing drain pipe has better sound insulation than ordinary plastic drain pipe, but its sound insulation effect is still inferior to that of flexible iron pipe.

Comparison of seismic performance between w-type cast iron pipe and UPVC plastic drain pipe

The expansion coefficient of the UPVC plastic drain pipe is about 6 times that of the cast iron pipe, so it is necessary to install the expansion joint when installing the UPVC plastic drain pipe. The linear expansion coefficient of cast iron pipe is relatively low, and the flexible interface structure of cast iron drain pipe makes it have higher anti-expansion, flexural deformation and anti-vibration capability.

Comparison of fire resistance between w-type cast iron pipe and UPVC plastic drain pipe

The building drainage pvc-u pipe engineering disciplines (CJJ/T29-98) specified in the "vertical GuanMing set and its diameter is greater than or equal to 110 mm, in the riser across the floor should be taken to prevent fires throughout measures", namely setting fire protection casing or fire collars.

The flame retardant and high melting point of cast iron pipe make it have good fire retardant, no need to use fire protection facilities.

Comparison of price between w-type cast iron pipe and UPVC plastic drain pipe

Though, cast iron pipe in such aspects as production technology, application technology has improved significantly, but it has such a superior performance also make the pipe and fitting price higher than ordinary UPVC plastic drainpipe, slightly higher than the PVC -u spiral silencing drain, it also become the main resistance of its popularization and promotion in domestic.